Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Harvest ahead

Dan has worked hard on the trees and brush on the 80.  This will be the last fire before harvest.  The wheat in the background is starting to turn and will soon be too dry to chance a spark.  This picture was taken Sunday evening.  He had gathered a big pile of brush and noticed there was one small smoky log.  He thought nothing of it and came on home to get a match and see if I wanted to watch the pile burn.  This picture was taken right after we returned.  A lesson on how easily a fire can rekindle.


The electric fence has done its job!  There are zero bean plants nipped by deer.  Also, the beans are benefitting from the composted dirt and are loaded with blooms.  Only problem with the dirt is it brought in a healthy dose of bindweed.  We have been fighting it mightily but finally gave up on a half row of beans.  Right now  all is looking good, but that pesky stuff will be back.  This fall we might have to address the problem with something stronger than a hoe & rototiller. 


Finally, I am sharing a picture of one of many Hummingbirds that cheer our lives.  They are  social little things.  If the feeder is empty, they actually will let us know in a flying around the window sort of way.  Sometimes I think they sit on this little perch and look in at us. 


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