Sunday, June 03, 2018

Colorado in May

Doug called a couple weeks ago wondering if we might want come out to Colorado for the annual nursery experience. That and maybe Dan could help a bit finishing up the bathroom project.  Memorial weekend worked so we headed to Colorado in the Colorado—pickup truck.

First, we stopped by the cemeteries.  There was enough rain that the grass was green and they were trimmed up nicely.  There were no military flags in our two rural cemeteries but the war medallions were in place.

The pickup is a nice roadtrip machine.  The PW wins the contest though because we have our own bathroom.  But, for a quick eight hour trip, we were fine with the pots available.

Dan was busy with helping Doug, so the girls decided to find a geocache near the Monument Library.  (Carly is volunteering with the library this summer).  All in all, we visited the location of the Geocache three times and never did find the “clever place” it was hidden—that is according to one of the commenters that found it only a week before we were there.  At one point, a lady came by with her daughter and volunteered to help us look—still nothing. 

The dogs loved the water but look out when they get out.


Wait, where’s the wiener?


Dutch Heritage Gardens is located near Larkspur, Monument and Castle Rock.  (I encourage visiting the link to get a feel of the size). Once a year they open their wholesale greenhouses to the public.   It was so overwhelming that I nearly didn’t buy anything.  Dan found a tray of orange Celosia.  I bought two pots of Bee Balm and a gift for our neighbor who watches over our place when we leave.  When I got home with the Bee Balm, I had a feeling I had pulled up a plant that I thought was a weed with the same leaf.  Typical.

More pictures of the weekend too numerous to put on individually.  Notice Trent’s garden.

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