Thursday, July 13, 2017


Nothing like a deadline to get things done.  So, the story is, what were the deadlines and what did we get done.

Four days after returning from our North Carolina trip, we hosted a couples wedding shower for our nephew Taylor and his bride-to-be Kara.  I looked forward to this party—what is more upbeat and happy than a wedding shower.  On the way back from our trip I worked up a schedule for cleaning and cooking.  Believe it or not for those who know me, I stuck to the schedule and the wedding party day came with my windows, floor and bathroom clean.  It was a great afternoon.

A family reunion in Junction City, long time former neighbors spending the day here, another weekend visit by the Wickers our friends since early marriage, our nephew’s wedding, Flint Hills Cemetery hunting, Dan’s 55th year Chapman High School reunion in Abilene, Symphony in the Flint Hills with weekend campout.  These were fun times. And, I will revisit some because they are just too good not to write about.   But, there was another date looming that we had a long to-do list forming. 

All our kids were coming home for the 4th of July!  Top of the list:  get the boat running.

We have had this boat stored for a very long time—17 years to be exact.  It is a 1970 Switzer speed boat. My guess is you might not realize the boat is 47 years old, especially from a distance where you can’t see that it needs repainting.

Switzer boatSwitzer was one of the first speed/drag boats and we’ve always thought it is just a great looking boat.  This picture was taken after Dan and I removed the defunct 135 hp Mercury outboard and replaced it with this 115 hp Merc.  I don’t even want to think about what was involved with lifting these extremely heavy motors using the tractor loader. 

But, we did it and it ran—for two skiers.  Unfortunately, our goal of getting this boat ready for our family visit didn’t entirely work out.  The propeller failed and it took us several days after everyone went home to figure that out.

Then there was the matter of replacing the carpet with hardwood flooring in the room we call our office.

But, it is late and I am tired.  More on projects and deadlines over the weekend.

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