Thursday, July 20, 2017

Memorial Weekend 2017

The annual Memorial weekend campout in our neighbors  driveway began several years ago when we decided to go over to Clinton Lake for the weekend to break in their “new to them” camper.  We drove all over that park and the only possibility was camping among the motorcycle group.  We headed back to the driveway.

The weekend has taken on a life of its own.  Last year it was a huge group—this year not as many could make it.  We didn’t take our camper because the generator was  on the barn floor—a project that was bigger than we thought. (another one of those “projects” I talked about earlier)   So, we just drove home.

Tom invited his baseball coach from college & his wife this year.  They stole the show with their sixties Shasta trailer.  It was nearly original.  Well done.


There was a lot of good food (Christi’s milk can stew),  homemade root beer (cooking in the picture with dry ice),  always excellent breakfasts, and conversation with a little singing!



Tom and Christi have a nice place to entertain.  Their big lake provided fishing.  A nice pit for a bonfire.  And a granary.

A close by neighbor  left farming at age 65 to travel and that is how Tom & Christi got the granary.   They  were able to get it home without any  damage.  We were traveling at the time and missed the big move.  They fixed the metal in several places, but for the most part, it is in great shape.  Then they did their magic.


They have a old pump that runs water into a old wash tub on a stand.  The counter tops are concrete.  Definitely unique and works great for entertaining. 

Speaking of Memorial Day, my parents would have liked this:

IMG_4148 (1)

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