Monday, March 20, 2017

South by Southwest

We said goodbye to most of the family last night because they are up and out of the house before we even open our eyes.  Coffee, Drue’s french toast and out the door by 8:30 am is good for us.

Our destination is Apache Junction AZ.  We decided to cut cross country because, why not… Our first stop was Canon City CO to check out the Bristol Brewing Company.  Unfortunately it was closed but it is a testiment to repurposing old schools. The kids say there is also good beer being made in that school house.


Next it is on to Salida to eat at Amicus restaurant.  We have heard so much about this brewery/restaurant so decided to stop by.  I called in our pizza order because we didn’t have a lot of time.  It was definitely delicious—especially the inhouse crust.  Was sorry we didn’t try the salad and calzones because they are supposed to be superior as well.

As we menandered south we could not escape going through Wolf Creek Pass.  Snow melt is beginning which made the Treasure Falls beautiful.  We didn’t hike up because the path was snow covered but it looked fun.


Shiprock is a small town in New Mexico and it gets its name honestly. 


Since we went right through Pagosa Springs, we stopped by one of Doug’s current projects—an addition on to the hospital. P1000261-1

We usually are roadtripping in the PW, but this time we are moteling it.  That means we have slipped a couple extra into our room here on old highway 66 in Gallup NM—here are two



Anonymous said...

Salida. Pagosa Springs. Reminds me of when I took the Boy Scouts high-adventure camping right near there. I don't suppose you went to the Sand Dunes too, did you?

Linda said...

We did go right by the Dunes but didn't stop. We have been there before but they are definitely worth a second visit.