Sunday, March 19, 2017

Colorado, Basketball and Sunshine

Another beautiful day.  There is some adjustment to dry air, but the weather is almost perfect in Colorado on days like today. I think the high was in the 70s.

 We watched a little basketball again today including Kansas University who we were all cheering for but especially Drue.  We are glad to see Baylor win.  I am sure it upset a lot of brackets, but we were glad to see Frank Martin on the sideline again and then pull off the upset.

Carly and I went to the best Goodwill ever near Monument.  We found some stuff!

These are pictures I took the past few days.  The first is of Carly's Guinea Pigs.  Notice the dogs in the background at the door.  These little animals are about all the dogs can take.

We took a quick run out to Fox Run to let the dogs run and find a couple geocaches.

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