Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Landscaping Phase 4

Bet many thought I was just dreaming about doing a little something more to the front of the house.  Rightfully so, because we are not ones to change what we like in decorating—think orange countertop that is obvious in so many of my pictures.

However, just in passing, Kim saw something on Fixer-Upper that she thought would look good on our house.  In fact, it almost had to be a pause in the program to really take note of the detail.

I’m talking about shutters on the front of the house.  Like I said earlier, we’ve always thought the landscaping was enough to finish the front “look.”  However, our kids are usually right on their assessment and the consensus was that we needed more.

Dan is always able to come up with the solution.  So, here are our shutters made with fence panels with simple crosspieces.  The color was our choice.  We like that it isn’t too much contrast but yet looks good with the color of paint on siding and roof shingles. 




Kim said...

Wow! Those look cool!

Linda said...

Your idea, Kim!

Anonymous said...

My house in St. Louis had actual working shutters hung on hinges. I don't suppose they'd ever been closed once in the 70 years of the house's existence, and I wonder if the hinges would have snapped had that been tried (assuming the many coats of paint on the hinges could have been broken).

Linda said...

Interesting that you had actual working shutters. We had a discussion as to whether the width of our trim shutters would look more aesthetically pleasing if they correctly covered the windows if they were working shutters. We finally decided no one would ever look at them that long:)