Friday, January 13, 2017

Flowers in the Winter

I took these pictures last week when there was snow on the ground.  Since that time, we’ve had a 70 degree day.  Now, by this time tomorrow night we are forecast to have ice.  So, we are thankful for the flowers in our home right now:


Poinsettia flowers are at the center of the leaves—but then everyone knows that. 


I brought the geraniums in this fall.  As long as they get lots of sun, they continue to bloom. 


I have two violets that are so happy where they are located that they continually show us these beautiful flowers.  I started two by sticking leaves in a pot and gave them away at Christmas.  I think it is time to do that again.


I bought this Amaryllis after it was marked down.  So, it did not bloom for Christmas.  What a joy it has been to watch it grow.


There are several other flowers on my Lemon tree, but this lemon is much more interesting.  Right now there are three lemons.  I probably should pick all the other blooms off so this small plant can make my lemons!



The Christmas cactus has been blooming since mid November.  It too just loves where it is sitting and if I continue to put water on it, I think it will bloom all winter.


I was going to “let this Peace Lily go” last fall.  It had gotten so big.  However, I brought it in and cut the leaves all.  It is sitting here in my office in front of a north window.  Three months later and here you go.  It wants to stay with us!

Any other year, we would have a Yucca bloom by now.  However, my huge Yucca plant took a dive last summer.  It fell out of the pot and was just too unwieldy to replant.  I’ve got another nice plant going, but it won’t bloom for a while.  I still think the whole Yucca plant “falling” out of its pot was some kind of conspiracy between Dan and the kids.  They all said it was ugly.  Don’t believe them—it had beautiful curves.

So, that is our mid winter blooms.  They make us happy!

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Anonymous said...

I remember seeing yucca plants growing wild in the fields in western Kansas. Amazed me. (I think they're pretty ugly though.)