Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Marc and Kim have a new Cary city park just a short walk away from their house.  It has a basketball court, playground and a Pickleball court!  The little park is very popular in the neighborhood.

So, as part of our early Christmas present to the family, we gave them enough equipment to play double Pickleball. 

Pickleball was invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island near Seattle Washington.  Three dads madeup the game to keep their kids occupied during the summer.  It is played with a wiffle ball and wooden paddle. 

I wondered why it is called Pickleball.  There are two theories and both are probably partly correct.  One of the wives of the founders of the game, thinking it was a combination of several sports,  thought it was like a pickleboat in crew where the rowers are drawn from extras from other boats. The other possibility is at some point one of the families got a dog and named it pickles. 

When we bought the equipment in Dicks Sporting Goods, the man at the checkout said it is becoming hugely popular in the Cary area because so many courts are being made available.  It is a fun game because it suits all ages.

Everyone is feeling better about their game.  Somehow Marc and I didn’t get a shot.


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