Sunday, July 31, 2016

July was a hot month for friends

Well, it was hot.   But I meant, we saw a lot of long-time friends too.  And, I would say they are hot lookingSmile It really didn’t have anything to do with our 50th.  It just happened that July was a good meetup month.

First, our long time friends Kaye and Lynn.  They are our destination in Phoenix for a couple weeks in the winter.  They actually came up to visit their daughter, but we managed to slip in a great day together.  Their 50th Anniversary is coming up this month, so we reminisced about our weddings and dating before that—yes we do go back that far.   I should have got out my good camera because it was getting dark when they left and the cell phone didn’t catch a good light.  Here is the best one:


Then, Sue Jeanne and I decided we were overdue to celebrate birthdays.  We ate at the Yard House in the Legends (Kansas City).  Good food—even better beer.  Then we went over to Jeanne & Denny’s to ride on their new little toy.  Jeanne has the most beautiful yard.  And, she knows the name of each plant.




This is an electric boat.  What a nice way to enjoy the water.  Quiet and relaxing!


Then tomorrow I’ll have a few pictures from the WWI memorial in Kansas City Mo. 

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