Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Black helicopters on a mission

Back in the mail route days I sometimes listened to local talk radio.  There was a theory among some that called in that the black helicopters that flew around the area were on secret missions. 

That seemed hard to believe since we saw them so often.  The flight pattern was definitely following the Wakarusa river—sometimes a bit north, so we could almost see inside. 

As of last week, we now know a whole lot more about the helicopters.  They are not on secret missions but training missions.

They are a part of the 1st Battalion, 108th Aviation Regiment Kansas Army National Guard located at Forbes Field in Topeka.  Equipped with UH-60A helicopters, a few of the many unit assignments are to deploy to wartime theater of operations; occupy assigned tactical assembly areas; and prepare for and conduct combat operations. 

We are privileged to now know about the helicopters that we’ve watch fly for years is because an Iraq veteran and full time pilot for the 108th has recently moved into a beautiful home near where we live.  Well, he and his wife and two children. 

He invited several neighbors to take a tour and we were excited to be included. We learned a little about how the helicopters fly—it is as complicated as I imagined.  He shared how it was working in a war zone.  He allowed us to take pictures, so here are a few.  Several were taken by our new neighbor’s son.





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