Sunday, June 12, 2016

50 Years Ago Today!

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Harvest was beginning and it was hot 50 years ago today.  Sunday weddings were common back then so relatives didn’t have to miss farm work time.  During harvest, though, Sunday was just another work day.  So, with the heat and the most important time of the year beginning, relatives and friends gathered, celebrated enthusiastically with us and took off for home and the fields. 

Wedding days are just that though—a day.  We should call a wedding day a “Wedding Beginning.”

So, our Wedding Beginning was 50 years ago today.  There are so many cliques—“where as the time gone”  “It seems like yesterday”  They are all true.  But, most importantly, as the song says, we have truly loved through the adventures and….. the word here won’t come to me because how can I put a word or words to all that 50 years of marriage brings.  However, there is one word that readily comes to mind besides love when living life for 50 years together—we have fun.  Hardly a day goes by that we don’t laugh together.  All the other emotions two people bring to a marriage are balanced when laughter is added. 

We have two very special children who we love and were the focus of our marriage during their (which seems short) formative years. They now have their own families with spouses we love and grandchildren we cherish. We look forward to being a part of their lives in some small way as they move forward to provide a nurturing environment for their children as I hope we did for them.

We are celebrating over the 4th of July when both families are coming home!  We have fun times planned then.  Today, we are happy and satisfied with our life.  What more could a couple married 50 years want.


Michele Aultman said...

I love you and your life so proud that you have done it!! a shining example of what it should be!

Pablo said...

Get a room, you two!

Kim said... a bit teared up there Mom! Beautiful!

Linda said...

Thank you all!!

Linda said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you, Kim. I can truthfully say that almost everyone who sees this and knows you says how much we look alike. I always say I'm honored:)

Doug said...

Congrats you two. Looking forward to July 4th!

Unknown said...