Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hanging with Fam

First,  a quick note about our overnight stay in Knoxville. We pretty much stopped and dropped at 9:30 pm.  First, though, a quick trip into the store to pick up a few things for breakfast. When we got back, there was a car parked a few spaces away. As we walked by, Dan noticed  a lady with a small child in the car. We didn't think much about it until the next morning when the car and its occupants were still there.   Maybe she felt a little more secure with us parked nearby. We put a little gas money under her wiper on our way out.  Who knows the story in a situation like that, but it tugs at the heart.

We rolled into Cary NC right at 5:40 PM.  We made a wrong decision in deciding to veer off I40 onto Hwy 64 too early and hit the one stoplight in every small town along the way. We forget there are way more small towns in eastern states than here in Kansas. With our off-the-interstate-wanderings we made the trip in 2 1/2 days. It should be around an 18 hour trip--our kids have done it without stopping!

Things were rolling along in the Hoobler family with school, work and sports. There was time before grilling the burgers to see Kim's Cary clinic. For living in such a big metropolitan area, she feels fortunate to be working so close to home. Aaron is recovering nicely from his knee surgery. Adam was off practicing with his rowing crew. Evan is out of school on his year around school rotation and Marc is always busy at work.

On Thursday April 14, Dan and Kim worked at figuring out how to enhance storage in her laundry room while Evan and I tried once again to find "The Evil One" geocache  located near their home. I posted on the Geocache site  that we could not find it and that we thought it was stolen the last time we were there and the owner of the Cache emailed me to say to try again because she had just checked and it was in fact there. Well, six months later and we still couldn’t find it.  (We were later  put to shame when Dan looked for only a few minutes and scored)

It sure is nice to just hang out with the family. We are treated to wonderful meals and conversation which we miss so much with our kids all living away.

Tomorrow, the Zoo!

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