Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Last Train to Clarksville

It was late when we drycamped in the Walmart parking lot in Chester Illinois.  We noticed there was semi traffic nearby but assumed we must be by a high traffic road.  Usually, that type of noise settles down in the wee hours of the morning—not this time. I don’t usually sleep well the first night out and those trucks were going by all night. The next morning we discovered the reason.  There was a large barge on the Mississippi  that appeared to be taking on grain (probably all night).  There were six or so grain trucks in a line at a dock and it was right down the road from where we were parked.

We continued on south and east but took a break by stopping by the Kentucky welcome center to score a state geocache.  Dan agreed to help so it wouldn’t take so long.  Here we were, walking around the welcome center with the GPS.  We began to notice we had an audience.  Turns out, the help there all knew where it was and it became a game of hot and cold.  Finally found it behind this sign.  By the way, the Whitehaven Welcome Center is in a beautiful old mansion.  Worth a stop if down that way.


Then it was on to Clarksville, Tennessee where we decided to stop at a little restaurant for lunch.  We discussed that knew there was a song about Clarksville but just couldn’t come up with it.  Finally, Google came to the rescue—Last Train to Clarksville by the Monkees, 1966.  Clarksville is near Ft Campbell, KY and the song is about a man meeting his girlfriend there before leaving for Vietnam.  (We were married in 1966 so know this was 50 years ago)

Then it was on to just outside of Nashville TN where we once again rode the Cumberland River Bicentennial Rail to Trail.  We rode a portion of it before, now we’ve ridden the entire length.  It was a sunny, spring day and this is a beautiful trail.  Wildflowers abound along a gently flowing Cumberland River.




Found a quiet Walmart outside of Knoxville that allowed overnight parking.  Tomorrow finally to our distination and family.

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