Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fort Pulaski and Tybee Island

Savannah graciously allowed us to sleep in the welcome area one night, but we didn’t want to take advantage of its generously.  So, late afternoon we headed toward Tybee Island.

On the way out to the outer bank, we were looking forward to riding a rail to trail, namely McQueen’s Island Rail to Trail.

This RTT is on a part of the Savannah Atlantic Rail Road line.  Tybee Island was (and still is) a refreshing destination for the humid conditions of Savannah.  Driving a carriage out required navigating marshes and all that live within.  So, a railroad was built in 1887.  However, in 1923 a road was constructed which led to the demise of the railroad.

The trail follows the South Channel of the Savannah River.  There are beautiful river views and marshes filled with sounds.  Unfortunately, we were only able to ride about three miles out  because the trail was closed for construction.  It will be six miles one way when reopened.  From where we were parked, we also rode our bikes into the Fort Pulaski National Monument.

Construction on Fort Pulaski began in 1829 and took 18 years to finish.  It was considered to be invincible and stood to guard the river approaches to Savannah.  It was not quite complete when the Civil War broke out but it was transferred to the Confederate States of America.  In 1861, The Federal troops were able to secure Tybee Island and set about bombing the Fort.  The Federal army had a new cannon which opened wide holes in the side of the fort.  Fearing the possibility of igniting the main powder magazine, the Confederate troups retreated leaving the fort to be occupied by the Federal troups the remainder of the war.  By 1880, the fort was occupied only by a caretaker and lighthouse keeper and was made a National Monument in 1924.

Tybee Island has beautiful beaches and vacation homes.  We walked out on the beach, enjoying the sunset with a picnic.  They had just completed a day of shooting the new movie Baywatch.  No, we didn’t see Zac Efron, The Rock or Pamela Anderson for that matter.  It will be fun to see the familar sights in the movie though.  If interested in more pictures, click here or on the picture.


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