Monday, April 11, 2016

Destination–North Carolina

Dan and I took off yet again in April.  This time to North Carolina for two weeks.  I am backdating the posts about the trip. 

I’ve spent a week—off and on—getting ready for this trip.  Of course, we had to get the taxes done.  I also wanted to get my garden planted as well.  We also needed to get all the burning done on the pastures.  By Monday morning, April 11th, all chores were completed and the PW dewinterized for the second time this year.

A little late start of 11:40 AM, but beat the goal of getting away by noon.  We decided to take the two lane back roads going east.  Cruising along just outside of Sedalia MO, the PW started missing out.  Nothing makes a heart sink like a machanical failure on a roadtrip.

As we drove down mainstreet Sadelia, there was the sign we were relieved to see, Rick Ball Ford.  Without hesitation, we turned in.  They were very accomodating and helpful.  It was an electrical situation.  In one hour and 45 minutes, we drove out only $340 poorer.  We were just glad it was fixed so no complaints.

Skadalled from behind the 8 ball in Tipton MO


Cruised right past Popcorn Buddha in Linn MO only because popcorn doesn’t always agree.  Wished we would have stopped just because of the awesome name.

We finally ran out of light and dropped anchor at a Walmart in Chester Illinois, just south of St. Genevieve MO.  Both are nice Mississippi River towns that we like to explore, but on a mission to get to Nashville to ride bikes at a good time tomorrow.  . 

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