Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday at Lost Dutchman

Once again, it promises to be a beautiful day.  The sky is clear and blue.  We just have to wait for the sun to peek over Superstition Mountain for the temperature to start its climb from 40-45 into the high 60s and 70s.  We have used our full amount of blankets each night.  We find it is best to bring several blankets and layer them on as needed with the 100% wool army blanket for the coldest.  Each morning we enjoy about 15 minutes of furnace time to warm up the PW as well.

About 9:00 am we hear a helicopter that sounds like it is right over our camp spot.  Actually, it almost is.  The Search and Rescue Team is practicing a short distance away. They spend at least two hours dropping people down from the helicopter, raising them back up




I finally decide there is enough excitement with the helicopter and go back inside to get something for breakfast.  About that time Dan yells at me to see what is happening.  I ran out and there were three parachutes open and almost to the ground (no time for a picture).  They had base jumped off the top of Superstition Mountain.  Later we asked at the Park office if they had seen the jump.  They said they had not, but were not surprised.  It seems it is illegal so people sneek up the mountain from a place that is not in the National forest or State Park.  As soon as they are down, they quickly scatter.   There has not been an accident with the parachutes, but a hang glider got hung up on the side of the mountain and had to be rescued.  Probably by the guys who were practicing nearby.

Here is a picture of Superstition Mountain I took at sunset.  The part of the mountain they jumped off of is just out of sight to the right looking at the picture. 


That afternoon, we rock n’ roll at the Arizona Opry—their program is music of the sixties.  Fun program 

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