Friday, January 29, 2016

Castle Hot Springs

(Note:  I am catching up on our trip and backdating the posts.  We are home)

My cousin, Richard and his wife Marcie McVay live near Sun City Arizona. 


I am so glad we called and set a time when we could get together.  They are gracious and interesting hosts and we throughly enjoyed our day. 

After a delicious breakfast of fresh blueberry pancakes, we all piled into their car for a tour.  They have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and, although we didn’t need it, I was glad knowing it was there as we meandered around Lake Pleasant Regional Park and then on through the Bradshaw Mountains. 

Lake Pleasant Regional Park would be a beautiful camping distination as a home base to explore the northwest side of the area.  

The real destination, though, is Castle Hot Springs. 


The hot springs were first used by the Yavapai and Apache Indians who thought the waters had healing powers.  When the white settler came, they thought the area resembled a castle, thus the name of the settlement which at one time was the regional capital. 

Well known families such as Rockefellers, Wrigleys and Carnegies spent time at Castle Hot Springs for rest and relaxation.  During WWII it was used to house recuperating pilots including President Kennedy.  At this time a flag was put on top of Salvation Peak which still stands, watched over by area Boys Scouts.

In 1976 a fire devasted the main building and from then on it has seen multiple private owners.  There are still three pools containing 112° clear, odorless water.  We could not enter the grounds but it obviously is being maintained so who knows what the future holds.

Here is another picture of the Castle Hot Springs remaining buildings.  As we approached it, it seemed totally out of place—like a beautiful oasis in the rugged surroundings. 


Amazingly, we spotted cattle grazing  and wild burros.


I wonder who has this route—it would be a bugger.


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