Monday, November 02, 2015

Home & Catching Up

We had such a great summer. The trips to visit family are always fun.  We will be making those trips each year because it is easier for us to go there then for them to come here.  We’ll find time to make a few other excursions too I am sure.

The reason I’m reminiscing a little is because we winterized the PW this afternoon.  Of course it is something that has to be done, but it is also a sign that our summer journeys are finished.  It is possible to travel without the water system up and running—we might do a little Thanksgiving/Christmas trip.  Those trips are short and sweet though.

The bikes have made our summer travels fun.  We learned on our last trip not to plan to ride on our way home.  We passed several interesting locations returning from North Carolina,  but we didn’t want to take the time.  Dan did consent to ride the Katy Trail in Missouri for a while.  We did a part of the Katy that we’ve never ridden before so that made up for the others.

Our small acreage of soybeans was harvested last week. 


This is always interesting to us so we like to hang around and watch our neighbor who farms for us.  This time, I got to ride in the cab of this big boy.  It was fully climate controlled and computerized.  At any given time, it told the moisture of the grain and the bushels per acre.  It could even be set to drive on its own!  Farming is on a different level now days. 

These few days of warm weather will find us out doors finishing up some chores.  Maybe I’ll just get the bike out and ride up the road too.

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