Thursday, October 15, 2015

North Carolina Sweet Potatoes

Marc’s company, Bayer Crop Science, has opportunities for its employees to volunteer in the community.  One was scheduled while we were visiting so Marc signed us up.   That explains why Dan and I spent two hours helping pick up 8,051 lbs. (over 4 tons) of sweet potatoes!  Meals served from this project, 6,780.  This was all thanks to the owner who generously turned his harvested field over to the volunteers.

The project was coordinated by the Society of St Andrew, which is a faith-based group that works with local farmers to glean the left over vegetables and fruits to distribute to the hungry.  Its motto is, “Gleaning America’s Fields-Feeding Americas Hungry.”  We all feel we would like to help feed the hungry.  This organization helps by bringing many people  together, working to make a big impact.

Seventy-five employees, family members and friends loaded in the buses around 9:30.  It took about 30 minutes to reach the sweet potato patch south of Raleigh. 

The sandy loam dirt must be perfect for sweet potato production because there were a few monsters left.  Mostly, though, they were a bit smaller than what we see in the store which might explain why they slipped through. We were instructed to “bump” the dirt a bit to show any hidden potatoes right under the surface.  There were plenty.

Here is Evan working itIMG_2822

The two hours went fast but I would find it hard to keep up the pace if I were required to do this  work all day.



Bayer Volunteers

Of course, we got the t-shirt which had a nice message.


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Marc Hoobler said...

Fun times had by all. Turns out there were 14,000 lbs gleaned! They forgot to count Evan's monster tator!