Monday, October 05, 2015

Alvarado Campground and Bishop’s Castle

We were probably a week early for full aspen color, but still the Alvarado Campground was a beautiful destination.  It is located on the eastern slope of the San Isabel Mountain range. 

Friday morning, I woke to a bright glow coming in our window.  I grabbed the camera and was barely able to capture the beautiful morning light.


Doug has the cast iron cooking down to a science.  Drue and I mixed up the ingredients and in no time we were dipping in to this goodness.


The guys took off for the Westcliff to fill a propane bottle and we girls took off for the mountains.  It was a beautiful trek up through trees and streams.  Gunner loved the water and Eve had to take in all the smells.  And, I found a geocache.  Carly got some good pictures—I should have hers on here instead of mine.


P9180349P9170336 We were ready for the roaring fire which we built up after cooking steaks over the coals earlier.   We discovered a tiny bit of left over cheese cake was delicious in with the chocolate and marshmallows in our smores for dessert. 

The next morning we were up early—so were the dogs.  We know that because someone cracked open the PW door and they “slipped” in.  I wonder who it was that let them in….


Doug and Drue headed back home because they had tickets to the Monument Beer Festival.  The rest of us headed to Bishop’s Castle.

Bishop’s Castle was a lifelong project by one man with some help from his son.   This massive structure is hand made out of stone and iron.  Jim Bishop purchased the land near Rye Colorado in 1959 at the age of 15.  The castle grew over his lifetime to what it is now—a real castle, full of intrigue.  Mr. Bishop has strong convictions and the disagreements with the State of Colorado over his castle are made clear with handwritten signs on the property. 

Since Mr. Bishop was a welder by trade, I had to believe the globe where I stood to take Trent and Carly’s picture in the tower is secure even though it swayed in the wind and whenever I moved.  Without the kids cheering me on, I am not sure I would have made it up there. 

Click here or on the picture.  When the Smug Mug web site comes up, click on slideshow in the upper right hand corner.  It might help you appreciate Mr. Bishop’s dream.


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Them were some damn good eggs.