Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Corn State—Nebraska or Iowa?

We think of Nebraska as the “Corn Huskers.”  I even think the Nebraska Capitol building resembles a corn ear.  But, we’ve been in Iowa for a day and there is corn everywhere.   Then there is this


Everyone knows the Iowa State Fair is going on this week.  It is probably one of the best fairs in the Nation.  However, we are not attending.  Tempting, but too many people. 

Several weeks ago, Dan suggested we take the PW out for a couple day spin.  I discovered Iowa is not only known for its fair, but also for its Rails to Trails.  That is what we are doing.

So far, I haven’t had cell service except in major towns and interstates.  I’m writing this on Monday evening, but won’t be able to post it until we find a decent connection.  For that reason, I’m going to wait to tell about our stops along with a few pictures.  Give me a couple days—this isn’t a long trip….

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