Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cicada and Tree Frog gathering

I am documenting the Cicadas to acknowledge this is their big 17th year.  The volume of their sing song mating call is deafening if near a particularly loaded tree.  The other day when I was mowing, they didn’t like the competing sound so they swarmed all over me.  They don’t bite, but those little gripping feet feel like it.

Speaking of gripping feet—the tree frogs on our kitchen window are amazing.  I count eight in this picture, but there were actually ten right before I took the picture. 


For a while each evening, we leave the light on in the kitchen which draws bugs on the outside of the window.  The tree frogs then go to work.  If you look closely, there is a  hummingbird feeder hanging from the eave.  The frogs regularly jump back and forth from the feeder to the window.  Today we saw a little tiny one make the leap.  Last week I washed the window on the outside and within a day it was a mess again.  The little buggers are too much fun to watch so I will not worry about a dirty window.


Pablo said...

Wait! People wash their windows?

Linda said...

Not too often around here, Pablo:)