Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Garden is In

I suppose most would say, “The garden is planted.”  Dan and I must have grew up saying this phrase.  I am sure this is how we would ask about anything planted, “Is the wheat in?” “Do you have your corn in?”  Then, we would ask, “Do you have your wheat  out?” Meaning, have you harvested.

Back to the garden. 


This definitely is not a great looking garden.  However, ignoring the weeds, the beans, onions and potatoes are progressing nicely.  Since this picture was taken, we have developed a deer problem again.  They love the green beans and have nipped the tops off each plant.  Dan has posts and wire ready to install an electric fence as soon as it dries up.  If we don’t get it installed soon, we will once again hardly have a crop of green beans.

As for the weeds.  I thought it was such a wonderful idea to plow the garden this year.  As I expected, it did make for a mellow seed bed.  What I didn’t expect is breaking all those bindweed roots cause the weed to multiply.  Dan has tilled several times, but the rainy weather has kept us out of the garden recently and it looks worse than this now.  As soon as it dries up enough, we will till again and probably resort to the old fashioned way of bending over and pulling—I’ll be doing that with the electric fencer off.

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