Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Am Fine! Although a little soggy

I received a call today  wondering if everything was ok with us, specifically me since I hadn’t posted to my blog in a long time.

I appreciate the call, Ron and Jean.  It made me realize  I need to get back in the habit.   I have missed writing here. 

I’ll start, as I always do when I’ve been away for a while, with the most recent news.  Tonight that would be the four and a half inches of rain we have received in the past three days.  Last night it came down in buckets—over three inches.  

Our new pond ran over—literally.  There is a pipe to help keep the water flowing through during a heavy rain.  However, it could not handle so much so fast.  When it rains so much the pipe can’t handle it, there is usually a overflow on the upper part of the pond where water will exit away from the dam area.  Our overflow is too high and the water went over the dam.

This picture is the pond this morning.


Here is how close it came to washing out at least part of the dam.


Definitely something that will need attention.

This is a picture of the older pond taken from what our kids called, “The Pit.” 


Finally, the Wakarusa River.  Thankfully, I don’t believe there was much flooding into fields.  Mostly, the rain was welcome to fill up ponds and give a good saturation for the crops.


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