Thursday, April 02, 2015

Smoky Mountains meet Katy Trail

I finally felt we could relax from the freeze scare when all of a sudden Dan veered off a ramp on I40.  This happens about once a day for us as we roadtrip.  I have my photo opps and Dan has unidentified roadkill.  Thank goodness the PW turns easily. 

As for the quick exit, Dan had caught something I had not—this was an entrance to the final miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We could drive south through this “Foothills” portion of the parkway and then take a short scenic drive back to I40.  The early spring trees had not leafed out but it was still very beautiful. 


It’s hard to tell by this picture, but most of the mountain tops had a light dusting of snow.  I am so glad Dan gave me this opportunity to stop and enjoy the mountains rather than just zoom through.

At the point of the end of the Parkway and the road back to the interstate, we saw what can happen when Kudzu is given free reign. 


This Asian plant was introduced in the United States to help control erosion.  Trouble is, it likes the weather in the south too much and has become quite invasive.

We were curious, but thought probably what Buddy was serving would not go well in the morning.


The weather warmed and the wind was at our back going north/northwest.  But, we did not have it in us to drive until 9:30 pm which is when our GPS said we would get home.

Besides, we wanted to ride another Rails to Trail—the Katy.

As most know who follow along with our travels, we often opt for free overnights when we are just stopping for a few hours sleep.  This…


beautiful National Forest Service campsite is located only a few miles off I70 and is available for no cost.  We had a great night’s sleep, then spent a short time walking around the area picking up trash as a small token payment for having this available.  I don’t think hunters (probably the most likely users of this area) would throw their glass bottles out on the ground and their aluminum cans in the fire pits so it might be local partiers also know about this area.  We left it much better than we found it and we’ll be back.

Finally, one last stop to ride seven or so miles on the Katy Trail accessed at RocheportIMG_2276

Once again—great trip!!

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