Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wait, I thought you were going home

That’s probably what Kay and Lynn said when they got my text that we were still in town.  We thought we were headed home Monday morning and it is Tuesday evening as I write this.

When we checked the weather at Berryton on Sunday evening it said snow and very cold temperatures.  We decided not to brave bad roads and just stay put for a couple more days.

Anyway, we needed a day of rest. Monday was that day.  The only thing we did was go to the new Cabela’s store near the dome where the Super Bowl was played.  That trip made us realize how big this city actually is. 

Here we are in this picture telling Kay and Lynn goodbye.  What a good time at their home.  Good food and talk just as it is with old friends.

Here they are in front of their beautiful home


The adventure isn’t over.  Today we visited the mountains up close and personal. 

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