Monday, September 15, 2014

How will we be remembered?

I don’t know how many who check my little blog also check their Facebook account each day.  Well, I do.  I don’t post much on Facebook but I  “like” and comment fairly regularly. 

I sometimes enjoy the sayings that are posted on there.  This one caught my attention.  Definitely food for thought, said in a touching way.


I received a letter from my granddaughter a couple days ago thanking me for sending Box tops for Education for her school.  Carly has sent me a couple letters over the summer.  She is a good writer.  She must like to write because her letters are newsy and fun to read.

I think Carly’s teacher  has considered what is being said on this poster.  After all, many of us never forget our teachers.  Here is what Carly says about her 4th grade teacher in her last letter.

Mrs. Muller, my teacher is wonderful.  She is funny, smart, honest, trustworthy and randomly gives out candy!

How could any of us do any better than that?  Way to go, Mrs. Muller!

Carly’s letter then ended with this drawing.  Way to go, Carly!


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