Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Fun with all five grandkids

Doug and Drue returned to Monument on Sunday morning.  Trent and Carly stayed here.  Their home base is with Kim, Marc, Aaron, Adam and Evan until it is time for them to visit their other grandparents.  On Sunday evening, they sat down and planned their time for these few days.  They did a good job.

Monday, we headed west to Manhattan to visit the Flint Hills Discovery Center.  It is in the background of this picture. 


I’ve heard good things about this facility and it is all true.  We were there for a couple hours and could have spent more time.  The educational film was excellent.  When there was prairie wind, we felt wind.  When there was rain, we felt the vibration of the thunder and when there was fire, we smelled smoke. 

There were interactive experiences, including these 3 dimensional puzzles of early life in the Flint Hills.


Even the grounds were interesting and well maintained with wildflowers and a running stream. 

After the tour, we ate pizza and desert at Hazel Hill Chocolates in downtown Manhattan.

Can that menu get any better?  Yes it can.  Wait until I tell you about our day today.  I will do that tomorrow as I am waiting for the little movie to be completed. 

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