Thursday, May 22, 2014

One day—New roof

At least three years ago there was a hail storm that the insurance company deemed bad enough for a new roof.  We thought we had someone set up last year, but no show. Finally, we contacted Faith Roofing.  The roof is complete today.

Let me make this clear, this morning at 6:30 AM the old roof was completely in tact.  This afternoon, at 4:00 PM, the new roof is complete.  It took another hour to clean up on the ground but the roof was finished.

I really can hardly believe it.  There were at least seven guys here most of the time.  Only two could speak English.   But, to take off old roof and put on a new in ONE day is working hard. 

At 1:20 PM, they were still removing old roof.


Here it is completed. 


I am sure our kids will be glad to know one of the front bushes had to be removed to back in their trailer….

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Paul Lawson said...

Wow! That’s one really fast roofing job right there. It's astounding to see how fast a roofing job can be. Normally, it takes at least two or three days, especially seeing how big your roof is, but you did it all in a breeze. Nice color choice, by the way. :D

Paul Lawson @ Shelton Roof