Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crazy Cardinals

I am trying to be understanding. It’s a bird, a nice song bird at that.  But, around 6:00 to 6:15 each morning we have a  cardinal who starts flying into the big window by our bed.  One morning I got up and hung one of Dan’s shirts up there to see if that would scare it away.  Nope.

After a while it moves around to another window in the bathroom.  Sometimes during the day it will hit the office window.  This has been going on for at least a week.

This afternoon a couple of my retired post office buddies came by for a visit and a couple beers.  When they went to their cars to leave, guess what?



Inside the vehicle.  Poop on the jacket there on the seat. 

Carole’s car had poop on it below her window.  Her windows were closed.

I keep thinking this is part of some kind of ritual.  Carole says they have a blue bird doing the same thing at their house….

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

410 shotgun shell will handle that problem easily. Doug

Linda said...

Thankfully, the crazy bird has disappeared--on its own--I think...

Anonymous said...

I had a robin fly into our window. I think it's the same one that has a nest under our deck. Sylvie

Anonymous said...

I have a horrible time with birds here in Montana. A few years ago a huge bird flew through my double paned window, shattering it to a million pieces. Last year I broke my arm and tore a rotator cuff in an attempt to hang a whirly gig from a window to scare off a robin. And this year, at my cabin on Flathead Lake, I found a dead duck that had somehow found it's way into the house during the winter. I have no suggestions that could be helpful. Cindy

Linda said...

Sylvie, I wondered about protecting a nest. It let off for a few days, now its back, although not as relentless.
Cindy, you have had amazing history with birds/ducks/skunks, etc. I didn't know you did all that damage to your arm over a robin. You might have to install security--not for intruders, but for birds:)