Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dry spell broken–Geocache found

We checked our gauge about mid afternoon.  It showed 1.3 inches.  It has rained some since then.  If this cloud wasn’t so beautiful, it would have seemed threatening.


Our three local grandboys were down over the weekend.  In between games of Sequence, Evan searched for a geocache.  He is the only one who likes to look with me.  It ended up neighbor Christi wasn’t doing anything so she joined us.  We had to drive all over the place south of the river.  It wasn’t that the caches were so hard to find, but we couldn’t get cell phone service.  Definitely would be nice to have a GPS unit but, for now, the cell phones work fine. 

It ended up Evan actually spotted the box.  The name of the Geo was “Twin Mounds.”  Here he is with his cache.


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Anonymous said...

Good for Evan!!! The cache is almost as big as he is!!!