Friday, March 28, 2014

Oh well–Old well

Several years ago, on April 4, 2012, I wrote about an old well in the valley below our house.  Here is the picture I posted then.


We put the old bed springs on top of it when we first found it.  It was open before then, located in an old farmstead.  I think this home was abandoned before Clinton Lake was built.  All is left of the home is one side of a foundation made with stacked rocks.  If you didn’t know where it is located, I doubt you could find it.

We went back to the site today to check the well.  I was thinking of hiding a geocache in area of the farmstead.  The open well is a concern for safety of those searching, though. We discovered the well is currently dry.  A first.  Usually when we shine a light down we see water.  It is 14’ deep and lined with rock all the way to the bottom.


We decided if I hide a geocache, it won’t be here. 

By the way, we know of one other open hand dug well in the valley.  We’ve reported both of them, but…..oh well. 


Anonymous said...

Linda….you can make some stuff from those old bedsprings!!! If you recall, I salvaged some from the side of the road when I was visiting Sylvie in Colorado Springs. She thought they were junk!!
What is your geocache handle? I want to friend you. Mine is: skiddie450
I'm going to a geocaching event tonight at the local library.
Thanks for another interesting blog.

Linda said...

I remember you used bed springs however, you are much more creative. My geocache handle is lindanothstar. I noticed in one of your geocache pictures you have a gps. We need to talk about that some time. I use my phone which isn't reliable for remote caches. I can't decide which gps unit is the best. The next time you are visiting Skiddy, let me know & we'll do some caching in the flint hills.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda….thanks for the geo cache friend. I bought a Garmin Etrex 20. It's fairly easy to use, although there was a bit of a learning curve for me. Plus, it has paperless geocaching and it didn't break the bank. The friend who I usually go with has a Magellan Explorist that is constantly running out of battery power although it is very easy to use. I was using my phone app too, but found I couldn't get coverage in some of the places I wanted to go. I went to a geocaching event last night at our county library. It was really interesting. They didn't talk much about gps, but mainly about hiding your caches. I'm not that creative to think of ways to hide a cache….since I've never done it. I did get my 200th find last night.
Yes….Next time I'm home, lets do a little caching. The sisters want to go to Topeka to check out the new candy factory. You know how the Liston side of the family is…..SWEET TOOTH!!!