Friday, March 14, 2014

Here is some Love for our National and State Parks

There is a reason the powers that be choose certain locations for national parks.  The same is true of state parks as well. It is a beautiful location that should be preserved for all people. For that reason, if we aren’t boondocking in some obscure location, we’re in a national or state park. 

The Gulf Shores National Park is one of those places.  The personnel were friendly and helpful.  They allowed us to find a open spot even though the computer said they were full.  The showers were clean.  And, the people camped there were friendly.  We almost stayed there today and just sat out on the sand.  The sand on the vast, vacant beaches was white and the gulf was a beautiful blue green. 

It was eerie because to get to the campground we drove through a narrow strip of land where the water was very close on each side.  I’m not sure I made it clear that this is an island connected to the mainland by bridge.

IMG_5252 I’m still not sure we made the right decision but here we are in Apalachicola Florida.  I’ll have more on this little village tomorrow.  I will say we have had enough of the crowds converging on the Gulf for the weekend.  It could even be a few spring break young people as well. 

Before I check out and into bed, I want to show another picture.  The name of this is “Big Bang”  Actually it is the battery Langdon.  It was a part of the Gulf Shores National Park.


This was built in 1923.  There is a gun in there that will shoot 17 miles out to sea.  The concussion when it was shot  back in the day would make those present bleed from the mouth and ears. During WWII, the top was covered with sand.   We drove past this last night nearly nightfall.  Dan and I wondered if this was a place we wanted to stay—pretty ominous.  

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