Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gulf Coast – Mississippi, Alabama on to Florida

When we left Davis Bayou campground in Mississippi this morning, we had an exciting plan involving taking a ferry between Gulf Islands. 

First, though, we visited Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island on the southwest side of Mobile Bay. Construction of Ft. Gaines was completed in 1861 but the island, because of its strategic location, has been an important to those to occupied the area since 1815.  An important Civil War battle was fought there in 1864.  For only a $6 admission, we followed a self guided tour that told us about the battle and the daily life in the fort.  This is the fort from the outside.


Looking out over the water


It is meaningful to walk in the same paths and look out the same places as those before us who shaped our nation.  We learned so much more than I will write here. 

Before we visited the fort, we stopped by a little bakery in Dauphin.  Yep, another fish sandwich.  This time a shrimp salad.

Then on to the ferry.  Except that it was broke down.  So, back north and up and around Mobile Bay and back down to the Gulf Shores.  There are two State Parks on the Gulf Shores so after driving around a bit, we decided to park for the night—but both parks were full.

We were surprised at how many huge high rise hotels with beautiful beaches are positioned right along the Gulf Shores.  They will be hopping next week when college spring breaks begin.

Earlier in the day I had called the National Park on the Gulf Island south of Pensacola Florida.  They told me it was full.  However, we decided to bank on a cancellation and at 4:00 took off for an hour drive to the Fort Pickens National Park.  So glad we did because here we are sitting on this beautiful island to explore tomorrow.  In the end, it all worked out for the best.



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