Thursday, March 13, 2014

Biloxi Gulf Coast Area

Twelve southern states have four years of their own personal history,  the years they were the Confederate States.   Jefferson Davis was the president of those seceded states.  We passed his home yesterday and decided to travel back eleven miles to visit Beauvier today. 


And, the library


The complex of home and library are owned and operated by the Mississippi Division of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.  The home has a beautiful view of the Gulf.  After Davis died, his widow had the opportunity to sell the beautiful home for a nice sum, but instead she sold it for a small sum to a trust with the stipulation it would be used as a home for confederate veterans.  Now it is open to the public and is as well cared for as any presidential library.  The South takes a lot of pride in its past.

Biloxi has a lighthouse.  It is on many of their publications. 

IMG_5150 During the Civil war they removed the reflector and planted it black. 

We continued our seafood diet today.  Never underestimate the benefits of asking a local where to eat.  That is how we found a little cafe named Rosetti’s inside a seafood market in old Biloxi. Delicious.  And enough for our evening meal as well.

We are staying at the Gulf Islands National Seashore Davis Bayou Campground again tonight.  The price is right $11—half price for anyone with a Senior Pass.  Anyone over age 62 should have one. 

Other than the clean, well run campground, this area has been set aside to keep this part of the gulf shore natural.  The nature trail turned out to be a beautiful place to watch the sun set this evening.  Here is my favorite.


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