Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Alabama Family

We’ve been excited about this part of our trip since we left home—spending time with Dan’s brother’s girls and their families.  And, we had a great visit.   It was good to see  them in person rather than a Facebook picture.  They are all Alabama girls, but are quick to say they don’t fall in step behind the Bama or Auburn backers like everyone else in their state.  We are glad they still claim the state of Kansas.

Here is the newest addition to our family and his parents.  So cute!

IMG_5303 Here he is with his Nana


Our  niece and her daughter.  We helped them bottle feed their little calves and saw all the beautiful horses.


Horses and this little dog.  He was hilarious to watch. As with most dogs, he liked Dan.

IMG_0915  I had to include this one.  Everyone was trying to get precious little one to laugh so all of us are cracking up.

IMG_5305Breakfast and goodbyes this morning at the Mason Jar.


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