Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Thinking about Campfire cooking--

a sure sign of cabin fever.

One campfire meal we look forward to especially when we camp with our neighbors is “Milk Can Stew.”  Christi actually has a real milk can.  It works great. 

Since old fashioned milk cans are hard to find especially one in good enough shape to cook in, Dan ordered this alternative as one of my Christmas gifts.


Obviously, this is smaller than a regular milk can, but it makes enough for four people.  I’ve used it twice—I’m still learning. 

It is different on a stove than campfire so the first time I put everything in at once like Christi does,  it was too done, mushy.  The second time, I started with potatoes, carrots, a tablespoon of shrimp boil seasoning, brats and a can of beer. After about 15 minutes, maybe less,  I added all kinds of vegetables and another can of beer. After an additional 5-10 minutes, we stirred in a bag of precooked shrimp, just letting the hot soup thaw them . 

It all could be made in a soup pot, but the clamp on lid makes almost a pressure cooker situation.  There is a hole in the top, but it is tiny so the steam builds up—it cooks fast.  Like I said, I am anxious to try it on a campfire. 

Or, maybe on the stove in the basement.  We could crack open cold ones,  open the stove doors and watch the fire.  Not so bad, really. 


Bonnie from Iowa said...

Your CanCooker is so cute!Every summer we had a backyard party with Cream Can Stew. Our can was the large size and several neighbors and friends brought stuff for the pot. We always had a big roast or two and lots of veggies all thrown in together and we "drank" the beer that was supposed to go inside. The men always were in charge and we never had "mushy food". One time they added cabbage and it overpowered all the rest so never added it again. Love those Cream Can Parties!

Linda said...

Bonnie--that sounds like a couple of our camp outs after afternoon KSU football games. Whoever came by the campground had a bowl and lots of conversation. Good times!