Thursday, January 09, 2014

One day of fame

We should  consider ourselves fortunate if we have one day of fame in our lives.  Of course, that depends on what is considered fame.  Doing a good deed or giving someone a compliment might produce that day of fame for someone. 

I received an email this morning from Tom, retired postmaster at the Berryton Post Office.   He sent a link to a segment appearing on the national afternoon Shepard Smith Fox News show.  It was about the extreme cold weather.  One of the pictures was of a man breaking the ice for cattle.  The man in the picture was Tom’s daughter-in-law’s dad, Randy Cree, who lives between Topeka and Lawrence at Big Springs.  Big one day there.

My one day of fame was when my picture appeared on the front page of the Topeka Capital Journal on December 17, 1992.  Well, it was me in the picture, but most probably would not have known without reading the description underneath.  The  picture was picked up by the AP and appeared in newspapers all over the country.  It even appeared in the Armed Forces newspaper in Europe.  img212img213

Dan also had his one day of fame.  This was back when there were feral hogs in the Wakarusa Valley.  I had lots of posts about them, but here is one that tells of the big roundup.

It was during that time that there was a full page story in the Lawrence Journal World with Dan’s picture and his quotes. Here is his picture—one that shows my messy refrigerator and counter.  This story got picked up by the Kansas City Star.


So, there you are—one day of fame for both of us.  I am sure no one remembers either of these pictures or that it was us in the pictures. 

So, I’m back to that good deed or compliment—someone might remember who said kind words to them the rest of their lives.

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