Monday, December 16, 2013

Find the hidden treasure

I’ll admit up front that I came up with this headline to draw you in.  Who wouldn’t want a hidden treasure this time of year. (I almost typed “treasurer” because I paid our taxes today)

Dan and I came up with a sure fire combination of numbers for the lottery.  They involve family members’ birthdays.  We bought one ticket for the last drawing as insurance and not one of our “magic” numbers matched.  If we are in town, we’ll probably buy another for this huge jackpot.  By the way, why don’t they draw a bunch of number combinations to split the money and give everyone a little cut.

About that treasure…here is the picture. I think this is a butterfly plant.  Chip gave it to me after the Monarch Watch plant sale. It was so pretty that I brought it in last fall.  It continues to bloom in this south window.


  See the treasure?  Here’s another hint.


How did that tomato plant get in there?  This plant was no where near the tomatoes.  A bird must have left the seed.  Or, maybe it was in the dirt used to pot the plant.  Anyway, an interesting discovery to be watched closely.

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