Saturday, December 14, 2013

Feeling like a road trip

At this point, feeling and doing is definitely two different things.  As I write this, there is ice on the porch, which means ice on the roads.  There would be no way we would back the van out of the garage.

Saturday morning is when the RV Travel newsletter is published—always a must read.  It takes time because there are interesting videos and links to follow as well.  I also follow the Gypsy Journal which also has a wealth of information about travel.  While we have no intention of selling everything and living in our RV fulltime, it is fun to read about the adventures of those who do.

Then there are the more “professional” online magazines,  like Flipboard. I have it on my tablet so if I get bored with television, I can open a travel article and dream.  When you set it up, it gives options for preferred reading.  Check it out, very easy.

It was a travel article on Flipboard that lead me to a Readers Digest book entitled, “The Most Scenic Drives in America.”  We have a neighbor who sells books on the internet and sure enough, they had a used copy.  (I would post a link to their web site, but sadly, they are discontinuing their bookselling business—hard to compete with tablet readers, I guess.)  Anyway, this book is fantastic.  It is good for endless hours of dreams.

Christmas is around the corner and I certainly want to be with family for that joyous celebration.  Come January, though, who knows. 

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