Monday, December 23, 2013

Decorating cookies & school programs

Are there any two activities that define Christmas more in our memories of times past?  Grandma and I made cut out cookies and decorated, as did Mom and I and my own kids.  Here is our 2013 decorating party.  All three grandkids were there, but Evan hung in there the longest.


School programs were definitely the highlight of the winter for Dan and I at our one-room Acker school.  We would memorize poems and little ditties.  The whole community would come to watch.  We received a sack of hard candy and an orange afterward.  img118

We attended Adam and Evan’s Tecumseh North Christmas program last Friday.  The orchestra members played  Christmas carols.  Then they showed a little movie about the school and the students.  It was well done.  Finally, Santa came and handed out sacks to each student.  I need to ask the grandkids, but it looked like there was hard candy and a orange in each one.  At 1st grade, Evan was excited.  At 6th grade, Adam had fun with it all.




I love this time of year!

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Anonymous said...

A few of those cookies better make it out to our house! Doug