Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Here is a confession—I am a lurker on Facebook.  If you are my friend, you will see some of my “likes” but I seldom post.  I do that here. 

Here are a couple things I thought I would share, though. 

First, how about a Christmas carol by shooting baskets…  Pretty impressive.

Second, a list of all the Christmas programs on television from now until Christmas!  I can’t believe there are so many.

Third, ever wonder what would happen if you blow bubbles outside when it is below freezing?  It sounds like they freeze like little plastic balls, but very fragile.  That picture will have to wait until I try it.

Finally, since I’m “sharing” here, I will tell you that we finally got the barn cleaned and everything we wanted to park in there, in there.  OK, winter, bring it on.  I want to blow some bubbles.

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