Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Colorado/New Mexico pictures

Here is a link to more pictures taken in New Mexico and Colorado.  It is obvious that I especially like Aspens in the fall. 

My picture hosting site encouraged me to update to a new and improved photo viewing experience.  As far as I can see, I have lost the ability to put a slide show here.  Maybe that is just as well for some who have a slower internet connection.  There is now an option to either run a slideshow in the upper right hand corner or scroll down through the pictures.  I put comments on some of them, but I think they only show up on the scroll. 

Isn’t this weather gorgeous?  It appears the mountain trip will take the place of our usual Hermann fall trip.  I will miss all the beautiful trees but we are still trying to get our front deck finished. 

You never know about us, though.  It is getting seriously close to the time for winterizing the RV.  I sure hate to do that before one last roadtrip.  We’ll see.

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