Thursday, September 12, 2013

Huff n’ Puff 2013

Our friends Kay & Lynn were able to secure a spot for us in the Shawnee Lake Campground again this year the weekend of Huff n’ Puff.  It’s nice to be close by.  That way we can avoid traffic and see both the evening “glow” and early morning launches.

What I don’t show in these pictures is the process of getting the balloons in the air.   It takes a crew—all of them volunteer.  The payment is getting a ride once in a while.  There is one picture of a group of people holding the basket.  Once the balloon is fully inflated, it takes a lot of people to hold it down.

This time rather then embed the pictures in the blog, I am providing the link to the slideshow.  I think the beautiful colors of the balloons show better in the full screen mode.

 Here is the  link.  Click on “slideshow” in upper right hand corner.

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