Thursday, June 27, 2013

Garden update

It seems no matter when I plant green beans, they begin to produce right around Dan’s birthday, the end of June.  I picked enough today for a good meal, not enough to can yet. 

I actually planted the green beans two times.  The first planting did not germinate well and so the plants were sporadic.  So, we planted a second row right along the first.  As I said, it doesn’t seem to matter when the beans are planted because both plantings are blooming and putting on beans. 

I didn’t plant Top Crop again this year.  The newer seeds are so much better.  Not nearly as likely to get “beanie.”  That’s when the little beans inside get big….and beanie.

If the end of June is green bean season, so it is jigger (chigger if they don’t bother you) season.  And, those pesky jiggers like green beans.  I don’t like to use any kind of bug spray on myself while working among the plants in the garden.  So, I’m just trying to wash well after coming in.  They don’t itch so much if I don’t think about them.  Right now, they are itching.

We received a nice little rain tonight.  Perfect timing for the sweet corn.  We have some that is beginning to tassel.  Okra anyone?  There is going to be a bunch of it this year.  Just about all the plants have little tiny okras set on.  I better check tomorrow because those things grow unbelievably fast.

I’ve dug about five potato hills.  So far, not too impressive.  I knew I should have checked the almanac before we planted.

So, that’s the skinny on the garden.  Love those fresh vegetables. 

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