Thursday, May 02, 2013

Snow with Freezing Temperature in Forecast

This picture is part of a weather app and is very cool to use in unusual weather circumstances.  Today would qualify.

photo (1)

I just about planted my tomatoes earlier in the week.  Sure glad they are still here in the warm house.  The only thing up in the garden are onions.  I hope the wheat can withstand these temperatures.

Most of our birds are back.  The barn swallows are not finding many mosquitoes, although we did encounter a few tramping around for mushrooms—mosquitoes AND ticks. 

This Oriole was taking refuge from the cold, wet weather under our overhang, helping itself to the hummingbird juice.  We need to get some grape jelly for it.  The boys say the Orioles are making quick work of any they put out. 


We continually watch the pond, willing it to fill.  It is getting there, slowly.



Pablo said...

Mow my lawn one day, shovel my driveway the next.

Kim said...

Put that tree out of it's misery...

Linda said...

Pablo-I think it's a first. Kim, I told Dan you would say that. We're giving it one more year. It's pretty when it blooms....