Saturday, April 13, 2013

More Ultra Lite

We have over an hour of video of the Wakarusa Valley taken from our ultra lite.  Trouble is, it was taken with VHS equipment.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t transfer too well to digital. It helps to view it on the small YouTube screen. 

I’ll Fly Away” is an old Southern Gospel song written by Albert E Brumley and sung on this video by Alison Krauss.  This song, among others, was made even more famous by the movie, “O Brother, Where Art Thou.”  The catchy lyrics seem to fit this video.  There were some who thought we were asking for death going up in this thing all the time.  (There is a chance YouTube might remove the song at some point so enjoy for now!)

This is only four minutes taken from that hour tape.  Toward the end, is the town of Clinton sitting out on the peninsula of Clinton Lake.


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