Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Easter 30 years ago

Easter 1983 -1 001

Great picture.  Kim was 12 (13 in November, then same age as her oldest Aaron now) and Doug was 10 (11 in September, then same age as his oldest Trent).  I think I still have that dress somewhere. I sewed it for Kim and paid someone to embroidery her initials on the front.  As I remember, the initials were a popular thing thing to do.

I was carrying mail, but only as a substitute.  Dan was working with his brother in finish carpentry. 

Easter Sunday was April 3rd in 1983.  The weather looks similar to today.  The #1 song was what?  (Check comments)  Scarface and The Outsiders were top movies.  We were playing records and computers looked something like this.

Epson Notebook Computer Killer Pigmy (1983)

And, Ronald Regan was on the cover of Time Magazine.


Linda said...

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson!

Anonymous said...

someone in the picture looks amazing...could have been a Sears model.

Kim said...

I agree anonymous! He has such a cute little haircut.

Anonymous said...

I miss hair.