Friday, March 01, 2013

New computer adjustments

We did a little computer switcharoo around here today. 

We’re PC people here so I’ve got a new Windows 7.  Dan is now using my old Vista.  He was using an old XP which was so slow I don’t know how he had the patience.  The Vista actually was doing OK, but I needed more memory.  I decided on not getting Windows 8.  I understand that program works best with a touch screen.  I did not want to buy new monitors.

I need more memory because from the time Kim started junior high until both Kim and Doug were married, we recorded many of their activities with a camera that copied directly on to VHS tapes.  Unfortunately, we weren’t too organized with how we did it.  So, we have tapes with one segment and nothing else.  Or, we skip around, going from Christmas to dog playing in the yard on the same tape.

Our plan is to ship all these tapes off to get them digitalized and then organized them in the computer.  That is why I need more memory.  Movie files are big.  I have two terabytes on this thing!  That should do it.

What brand did I buy?  Don’t know.  A friend built it for me.  I look for it to last a long time.

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